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Since 1999


Through hard work, attention to detail, excellent management and the well trained dedicated staff, now well over 30 permanent staff members, have built a successful butchery business dedicated to giving service & quality to customers.



— We make a large selection of Boerewors catering for a large variety of tastes with only the best ingredients, selected spices and only natural hog casings.

Egte Boerewors (Traditional Wierda Park Butchery), Pure Beef Boerewors, “Spek” Boerewors, Ou Plaaswors (Oumas), Karoo Boerewors (No added MSG), Cape Fruit Chutney Boerewors, Sosatie Boerewors, Chilli Boerewors, Castle Boerewors (Crown National), Kameelhout Boerewors, Garlic Boerewors and Legacy Boerewors (Freddy Hirsch). —


— Wierda Park Butchery offers Topside Beef Mince with less than 10% fat, pure beef trimmings from topsides and other lean cuts.

We also offer Ground Beef Mince (Beef and Vegetable Protein) as well as Pork Mince and Chicken Mince. —


— As the Top Butcher in Centurion, our customers rate our biltong as the most flavourful!

We offer biltong whole and sliced, biltong baskets, BBQ and chilli bites, biltong sticks, biltong leaves (blare), dry wors thin and in a thick casing, dry wors wiele, Cabanossi, bacon bites biltong, chicken bites biltong.

Our Ostrich biltong, Ostrich dry wors, Game Biltong and Game dry wors is available in season. —


— Beef is sourced from selected abattoirs with the highest quality and guaranteed hygiene standards.

Full sides, Fore Quarters and Hind Quarters are dry-aged for extra flavour and tenderness and can be purchased in bulk or in various meat cuts at the counter or at the self help display fridges.

Fillet, Rump Steaks, T-Bone Steaks, Rib Eye Steaks (all extra matured), Tenderised Steak, Sosaties, Hamburger Patties, Stewing Meats and a large variety of prepared specialities. —


— Only the best tastiest free-range South African lamb is sourced ensuring quality and tenderness.

Lamb is sold in bulk as a whole or half a lamb, or in various cuts: Leg of Lamb – bone-in or deboned, Lamb Chops, Lamb Sosaties, Lamb Shanks, Lamb Neck, Lamb Rib etc. —


— Only guaranteed South African pork is sourced from various registered producers with the minimum fat content.

Pork is sold in bulk as a whole, half or in quarters. Other cuts include – pork leg – bone-in or deboned, gammon, pork chops, pork neck, pork rashers, pork eisbein, pork stirfry, pork goulash and a large variety of homemade specialities. —


— Whole chickens, free-range whole chickens, baby chickens, chicken leg quarters, chicken thighs, chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, chicken fillets, chicken stirfry and homemade specialities.

We also stock duck and turkey products. —


— Only the best quality meats and spices are used for processing at Wierda Park Butchery.

The products which need cooking are steamed to maintain quality and flavour. The smoking process is done the old fashioned way by using only the best-imported wood shavings thus ensuring a product of superior homemade quality.

Pure beef sausages, pure beef and cheese sausages, pork sausages, pork chipolata, cheddar cheese sausage, smoked cheese grillers, smoked bacon and cheese grillers, Russians, cocktail Russians, Chorizo, ham, smoked ham, hickory ham, salami, pastrami, cooked beef, smoked cooked beef, lamb loaf, pressed tongue and smoked chicken fillets. —



Visit our own online store for a full range of our butchery products. We can deliver your order or you can opt to collect the purchase at the store on a specified date and time.

Email: orders@wierdaparkbutcherysa.co.za
Telephone: +27 12 654 3556
Whatsapp:+27 71 482 3289
Address: 190 Springbok Street, Wierda Park, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
Monday - Friday: 7:30am – 6pm
Saturday: 7:30am – 4pm
Sunday: 8am – 1pm

T* & C*s Apply please note all products are subject to change without prior notice and we reserve the right to recall, refund or exchange any product if it was purchased incorrectly.

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